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Service Advantage

Service Advantage

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Respect customers, understand customers, continue to provide products and services that exceed customers' expectations, and become customers' forever partners. This is the service concept that we have been insisting on and advocating.
First, every step of the way, the first thing that comes to mind is that customers change from the seller's market to the buyer's market. In the face of numerous goods (or services), consumers are more willing to accept good quality goods (or services). The quality here refers not only to the internal quality of products, but also to the packaging quality and service quality of products. Therefore, we must comprehensively and maximally meet the needs of consumers. We should stand on the position of customers (or consumers) instead of standing on the company's position to study, design and improve services.
1. improve the service system, strengthen the pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, to help the customers in the use of goods in time to help solve the various problems, so that the customers feel great convenience.
2. attach great importance to customer opinions, let customers participate in decision-making, and treat customers' opinions as an important part of customer satisfaction. To keep the existing customers.
3. establish all customer - centered mechanisms. The establishment of various agencies, the transformation of service processes, and so on, all need to focus on customer needs and establish a quick response mechanism for customer opinions.
Two. The customer is always right
1. customers are buyers of goods, not troublemakers.
2. customers are most aware of their needs and interests. This is precisely the information they need to gather.
3. because customers have "natural consistency", the same customers quarrel with all customers.
Three, the three elements of customer satisfaction
1. satisfaction with goods: customer satisfaction with commodity quality.
2. service satisfaction: refers to a positive attitude of customers to pre sale, sale and after sale services. No matter how perfect the product is and how reasonable the price is, it must depend on service when it is in the market. "After-sales service to make permanent customers". Corporate image satisfaction: the public's affirmative evaluation of the overall strength and overall impression of the enterprise.
Four, the 5S concept "5S" refers to the abbreviation of the English initials of five words, "SMILE, SPEED, SINCERITY, SMART, and Research (STUDY)". The concept of "5S" is the most representative innovation of service culture. It is not only humanized, but also operable.
1. smile: a moderate smile. It is possible for a shopping guide to make a genuine smile if he has a caring heart for his customers. Smile can show gratitude and tolerance, and smile can be cheerful, healthy and considerate.
2. quick: refers to "quick action", it has two meanings: one is the speed of physics, that is, to work as fast as possible, not to keep the customer waiting; two is the speed of the demonstration, the good sincerity of the salesman and the considerate heart will cause the satisfaction of the customer, so that they do not feel like waiting for the time too long to act quickly in a quick action. Force, not waiting for customers is an important measure of service quality.
3. sincerely: if the salesperson sincerely wants to serve the customers wholeheartedly, the customer will be able to understand it. To work honestly and without hypocrisy is the basic mindset of the guide and the basic principle of doing things for others.
4. dexterity: "shrewd, neat, and sharp". To receive customers in a neat way, to pack goods with dexterity, agility and elegance, and to get customers' trust with flexible and ingenious working attitude.
5. research: we must learn and master commodity knowledge at all times, and study the psychology of customers and the skills of reception and response. To study customer's shopping psychology, sales service skills, and learn more about the professional knowledge of commodity, will not only improve the customer level, but also have better results.
Of course, we do business in order to make money, but not just for money, but also for profit.
Profit is a reward for good service. The process of pursuing profit is to give the customer a willing return in the satisfaction center through the dedication of the spring rain and give us the money without complaint and gratitude.
Do not rush for quick success and instant benefit, and turn services into plundering, extortion and deception.
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